World Mission:
First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg
33 S. Broadway
Frostburg, MD 21532
Giving a unique gift of chicks, water buffalo,
trees and more supports Heifer's work
across the globe – offering livestock,
training and other resources to hungry
families so that they can feed, house
and clothe themselves. And because of
Heifer's unique "Passing on the Gift"
requirement, one gift can create a
ripple effect that soon empowers entire
communities to lift themselves out of
hunger and poverty.
Christian Children's Fund understands that
poverty is a complex problem, and has more
than 65 years of experience in identifying
and addressing the root causes of poverty.
Within the context of alleviating child poverty,
vulnerability and deprivation, CCF
creates programs in a variety of different
areas that provide practical assistance to
impoverished communities and plant
the seeds of self-sufficiency.
In communities across the U.S. friends and
neighbors are putting their caring into action
through the CROP Hunger Walk.

What is a CROP Hunger Walk? Neighbors
walking together to take a stand against
hunger in our world. Together we raise
awareness and funds for international relief
and development, as well as local
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