Frostburg Area Summer Lunch Box Program - Sign Up  
The Frostburg Area Summer Lunch Box Program is a free program that
provides a bag lunch for children in the  Frostburg/Mt. Savage area.  If you
would like for your child to participate in the program this summer, please
complete this form, and "click" the " Sign Up button below.    You can call
301.687.0212 for help and information.     

Lunches will be distributed to children age 2 - 18 from June 19, 2017
through August 18, 2017.   

Lunches will be distributed daily 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Only one lunch per
child can be given out.

Lunches can only be given to children, adults can not pick them up for their
child.  If you need assistance with special circumstances for lunch pickup,
please call: 301.687.0212, and we will work with you to insure that your
children receive their lunches.
Please Check The Distribution Site Your Child Will Use:
Beall Elementary
Beall Elementary Summer Day Camp
Beall Elementary Kids Korner
Mt. Ridge Kids Korner
Meshack - Frost Village Community Center - Bridge Program
Eckhart Methodist Church
Mt. Savage - St. Georges Church
Trinity Assembly Of God - Midlothian
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The Summer Lunch Box Program is a free program offered by area churches, civic
groups and businesses.   Children do not  have to stay at the drop off site to eat.  
Parents do not have to accompany children to pick up  their lunches.
1. Children will receive a lunch consisting of: 2 sandwiches, fruit,  vegetable, snack,
beverage and dessert.   
2. Lunches are not provided to adults.
3. You can sign up children by calling the school or 301.687.0212
4. You can volunteer by calling: 301.687.0212
5. Adults can not pick up lunches, children must be present
6. The program will run from June 19  through August  18, 2017
7. Children 2 years through 17 years old can receive lunch.          

PLEASE NOTE:  Children must pickup their own lunches, parents cannot pick them
up for their children.    We realize that there are circumstances and situations
where that is not always possible.  In an effort to insure that children receive their
lunches each day, we will coordinate with parents for those special circumstances
and situations that may arise.

Parents must contact the Frostburg Area Summer Lunch Box Program at:
301.687.0212, or by EMAIL at: so that we may work with
you to insure that your special circumstances are addressed.   Parents will not be
given lunches without prior authorization.   Thank you for your understanding, and
participation in he program.
By submitting this form, I agree that my child (children) can participate in the
Frostburg Area Summer Lunch Box Program.  I understand that I may be
contacted by the Summer Lunch Box Program for additional information if
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Note: These materials are neither sponsored by, nor endorsed by,  the Board of Education of
Allegany County, the superintendent, or school.
Register your child for the Frostbuy Area Summer Lunch Box
Program by using the form below.  Please complete all sections
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You can list all of your children on this one form.  
Frostburg Area
              Summer Lunch Box Program