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Welcome To The Hugs Ministry
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First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg
33 S. Broadway
Frostburg, MD 21532
The Shawl Ministry, or The Hugs
Ministry as we call it, of our church was
conceived by Vicki Dubit and Edie
Bevans in early September of 2012.  It
was immediately adopted by the
Mission Committee, and the church
Session, as an ongoing program of our

Shawls, and occassionally others
items, are provided to those who just
need a "Hug", a warm embrace that
says "God loves you."    Sickness,
distress, and a touch of friendship -
that's a Hug.

Since its inception over 100 Hugs have
been created, with nearly that many

Shawls are knitted and crocheted by
members of the church and others in
the community who participate,
gathering weekly to share a love of the
hobby, and understanding the need for
support and friendship.  

Shawls are provided free of charge,
and anyone can receive one.
"Yarning" for more...
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