Deacons Meeting Minutes:
First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg
33 S. Broadway
Frostburg, MD 21532
Deacons Meeting: 08.03.11

Present: Eleanor, Carol, Susan & Pastor Penny.

Care Concerns: Chuck Bitner.

Carol opened the meeting with prayer.

Pastor Penny expressed her appreciation for the installation service and the wonderful dinner afterwards.  Everyone felt
it went extremely well, and that there was a very good representation from the community as well as from our church.  
The shephards did a good job of calling people and getting many people involved in the celebration.  B&B Meats has
been thanked for the delicious meal.  We discussed what we could do with the leftover meat from the dinner. It was
suggest that we have a dinner on Rally Day September 4 and have everyone bring a covered dish.  Carol said that we
need to make sure that Gary Tummino gets the receipts from the dinner.  Carol will see that a thank you is put in the
bulletin for all those that helped with the dinner and installation.

Carol noted that once again the pantry needs to be cleaned and organized.   This is pretty much an ongoing process of
keeping it cleaned.

Carol reported that the morning coffee hour will begin the week after Rally Day.

We are still not sure who is responsible forplanning this.  We will need to get this clarified.  We did review the list that we
did have of those willing to bring food items.

Shirley Heft recommended that we have a Rada Cutlery sale to support the general fund.  All thought it was good idea
to do something like this but felt  that was something for the Session should be involved in.  Carol will talk with Shirley
about this.

We reviewed the duties of Deacons, and will talk more about this at our next meeting.

The meeting was closed with prayer.
The next meeting of the Deacons will be August 31, 2011, at 5:30 p.m.
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